Stringless Mangoes

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Mouthwatering Mangoes

Farmgate World is a leading supplier of a range of fresh mangoes, grown in the fertile soils of our farms in the Save Valley in Zimbabwe. Our different varieties of mangoes include Kent, Tommy Atkins and Sensations, all of which are stringless, making them irresistibly sweet, succulent and easy to enjoy.


Kent Mangoes

Kent mangoes are medium-to-large mangoes that retain their green colour even after ripening. Known for its firm, smooth flesh, this mango is loved for its sweet taste. The Kent mango season is between February to early April producing a stringless fruit that packs a mouth-watering fragrance. Our Kent mangoes are exported across the world and arrive in the best conditions to ensure you get quality produce from Africa’s favourite farm.

Tommy Atkins

The Tommy Atkins variation of mango has an oval to oblong appearance with a typically dark red fruit that displays hints of green and yellow accents. This mango has a thick skin with a firm, fibrous flesh and an unmistakably sweet flavour and offers a good shelf life. The cultivar is suitable for most areas and the robust fruit can reach up to 700 gram in total weight and travels well.


Sensation is a small to medium-sized green mango with a purple-red tinge. It has a firm, fibreless flesh and a sweet flavour. It is a relatively old cultivar prone to internal decay and quality issuesThis fruit is available from around February into April and is small to medium in size with a green background and a purple blush that turns to red when ripe. The flesh is firm and fibreless and the flavour is mild, yet sweet. A small to medium sized mango. It has a green background and purple to red tinges. The Sensation has firm flesh. It has a sweet flavour and is string-less

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We implement best practices when it comes to orchard hygiene and maintenance with internationally trained staff.

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We operate under the highest agricultural standards, are HACCP certified and continuously work to meet global standards in farming.

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Our farms are known for the richest soils, favourable climates and the best care thanks to our commitment to quality produce.

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We have a global supply chain that supplies a wide range of top quality produce to customers from all corners of the world.

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