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Farmgate World has some of the most productive Hass Avocado farms in Africa that are complemented by orchids that are under our care for rehabilitation and future farming. Thanks to partnerships with local Kenyan and Zimbabwean farming communities, we export EU-quality Hass Avocados from various pack houses across the continent to customers around the world.


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Zimbabwe is known for quality avocados and is competing with countries like South Africa and Kenya for top spot in international exports. The main variety of avocado farmed in Africa is Hass and is chiefly grown in the Chipinge region. Owing to its taste, size, shelf-life, and high-growing yield, the Hass is the most popular avocado in the world. Packaging is done in 4kg gross cartons with each holding between 9 and 26 pieces of fruit depending on the size. Avocados that are shipped by sea are packed in open trays and are firm enough to withstand moisture in the controlled atmosphere.

The Hass avocado is one of the most loved varieties of avocado known for its rich and creamy texture, versatility and taste. Originating in California, the seed was carefully selected by Rudolph Hass who set out to find the cream of the crop amongst the many variations farmed and sold in the region. Today, Hass trees flourish in regions that offer the right conditions for farming and Africa’s unique climate allows us to produce A-grade Hass avocados that meet our customers’ demand for quality and consistency. Avocado season for Zimbabwe is between April to September with exports to countries like France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Russia. Products are packed in HACCAP approved facilities and all our farms are Global Gap Certified.

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We give our Hass avocado trees special care and harvest our fruit by hand. Adherence to best practices on the farm and in our processing facilities result in produce that is free from bruising and blemishing while retaining firmness and texture. Controlling the ripening stage is critical to ensure that our Hass avocados arrive at our customers in the best possible condition. To this end, our facilities in Kenya, Rwana and Zimbabwe all adhere to the HACCP Safety System and are ISO and HACCO certified. This means that a dedicated person is responsible for food safety, including implementation of regulatory requirements. We also have documented traceability, cleaning, process and control systems in place that ensure the quality of raw materials and finished products. Pest control and personal hygiene best practices are continuously updated to adhere to international standards and guidelines.

A-Grade Orchards

We implement best practices when it comes to orchard hygiene and maintenance with internationally trained staff.

International Standards

We operate under the highest agricultural standards, are HACCP certified and continuously work to meet global standards in farming.

World Renowned Farms

Our farms are known for the richest soils, favourable climates and the best care thanks to our commitment to quality produce.

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We have a global supply chain that supplies a wide range of top quality produce to customers from all corners of the world.

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