World Class African Produce

Farmgate World is strategically located across central and southern Africa and specializes in the farming, processing and distribution of high-quality export grade farm produce. Our crops include Cashews, Macadamias, Oranges, Mangoes and Assorted Herbs. We partner with local farmers and businesses to bring the best of Africa to customers ion all corners of the world.

Our Range of Export Ready Produce


Stringless Mangoes

We grow and export Kent, Tommy Atkins and Sensations mangoes from our farms in Zimababwe’s Save Valley. This region provides the perfect environment to grow mangoes that are irresistibly sweet, succulent and easy to enjoy.


Citrus Fruit

The highest quality Navel and Valencia varieties as well as the juiciest Mandarins you’ll find anywhere in the world. Talk to us about supplying your business with the famous Mazoe Brand in addition to produce from our own farms in the Mazoe Valley.


Hass Avocado

Farmgate is in partnership with farmers from across Africa to form a distributed network of top quality Hass Avocado suppliers. We produce Avocados ready for export across Africa and to customers from all corners of the globe.


Cashew Nuts

We source Cashew nuts from our farms in Kenya and Tanzania. Cashew Nuts from these regions are known for their great organic taste, milky texture, delicious crunch and unmistakable aroma that makes it one of our most popular exports.



Export quality Macadamia nuts grown and harvested on our farms in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. Talk to us about sourcing only the best from our renowned farms. Our collective value chain reaches customers across three continents.


Herbs & Horticulture

Our produce include Snap Peas, French Beans, Manage Tout, Sweet Corn, Tender Stem Broccoli, Butternuts, Chillies and top quality Basel, Coriander, Parsley and Mint crops grown using the latest in aquaponics farming technology.

A-Grade Orchards

We implement best practices when it comes to orchard hygiene and maintenance with internationally trained staff.

International Standards

We operate under the highest agricultural standards, are HACCP certified and continuously work to meet global standards in farming.

World Renowned Farms

Our farms are known for the richest soils, favourable climates and the best care thanks to our commitment to quality produce.

Global Footprint

We have a global supply chain that supplies a wide range of top quality produce to customers from all corners of the world.

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Contact Us

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